Can THC Vape Pen Be Your Road Trip Buddies?

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Can THC Vape Pen Be Your Road Trip Buddies

Summer is the season for going outdoors and planning road trips until the moody friend changes his mind and cancels the trip at the last minute. You only have very few choices then, either cancel the whole plan or fly solo. More often than not, you will have to become a lone wolf or have just a handful of buddies to rock your way on the road. Nevertheless, the one loyal friend that will never leave you hanging is your THC Vape pen. It is compact, takes less space, and does not have any complaints about the choice of music.

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What is THC Vape Pen?

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is a new drug found in the cannabis plant that is associated with creating and inducing the euphoria feeling. THC Vape pen is trending because it brings the best of two worlds. The vape and the THC Vaping is something that has been gathering attention and applause for its compact and easy-to-handle features. You are advised not to drive under the influence of THC or any other euphoric-inducing substances. You can go on the drive if you have a friend who can handle the wheel while you can focus on the scenery and the stuff. But if you do not have that luxury, do not go out of your way into hassles. Wait to reach the destination and puff away at the best possible moments and scenes. 

Laws Regarding Vape Pens Across Borders.

It is all fun and games until you do not have to cross the state borderlines. There are some stringent laws that you must abide by, as your road trip can take a very dark turn if you willingly decide to be ignorant of these laws.

Firstly, the law in states which have yet to decriminalize marijuana is pretty simple, do not use or own cannabis of any kind. In states where cannabis is legal, you can have small amounts of cannabis. These small amounts differ from state to state. So be informed of this subtle information to have a smooth road trip. If you take your CBD Vape Pen on your trip, you will have to consider something called storage. You can either store your stuff in the trunk of your car or plan a place from where you can restock your things along the way.

Laws Regarding Vape Pens Across Borders


Planning your Perfect Road Trip With the THC Vape Pen.

We wish that something like a road trip goes on as an impulsive plan. Maybe in an ideal world. But here, if you want to have a great road trip, you will have to have full-proof planning so that if anything goes sideways, you will have back backup all set up. Here are our words of wisdom.

●    Try to get a group of friends.

We know how hard it is to create a plan that fits everyone’s schedule. Some have work, some have to take care of the dog, and some are lazy. Nevertheless, the real fun of a road trip is with friends. Having friends by your side will allow you to keep rotating on the wheel while the passengers vape away. It permits everyone to get their hands on cannabis treats while having a pair of sober eyes on the road.

●    Know Your Laws.

You will have to know the laws of the states you are planning to enter and cross through. It is illegal to cross borders with the possession of cannabis. However, the law is amended based on the different states. To be on the safer side, try to get rid of your stuff before crossing borders or avoid crossing borders. We recommend sticking to a single state as it allows you to have your best buddy with you at all moments while also distributing the staying and road-tripping part into equal halves to make your journey better.

●    Choose a Scenic Route

Watching a scenic route is fun regardless of being under the influence of anything. So imagine being euphoric and enjoying the scenery now. You will not want to meddle with daily traffic and buildings on your trip anyway. So try to create a route that will offer you the most scenic spots and different experiences of camping, row-boating, and stargazing.

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●    Choose The Right Time.

We know using vaping is fun, but do not do it for the sake of only fun. Get the most out of your road trip by waiting and planning your spots and usage of your stuff. Avoid using vapes while driving on roads as it can distract you from the path.

●    Grab as many snacks as you can.

You will be in the middle of nowhere and vaping in scenic places. In these places, you can be a hundred percent sure that you will not be able to find a fast-food chain nearby. You should be prepared for this, as this is something that comes under foreseeable problems. So try to get as many delicious snacks with you to fill your appetite. You can add instant noodles, potato chips, and crackers. You can also go full throttle by gathering some logs and lighting a fire to cook that frozen meat.

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●    You will Need To Resupply.

Your trip can extend to more hours or days. You should always know where, what, and how much to get your supplies restocked. When we talk about stock, we do not only mean the Vaping Fluid or Carts. You should always have some stock from fuel to eatables with you so you never actually run out of things. 


A THC Vape Pen will make your road trip a lot of fun. Make sure not to use a vape pen or any other euphoria-inducing substance while driving. It is not only reckless but also life-threatening. Apart from this caution, you should also avoid crossing borderlines. If you plan to do so, be familiar with the different jurisdictions and rules that govern the state. Most importantly, remember to have fun. You can also add a dope music playlist to rock your summer road trip.

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