Dying Light 2 Has A Day One Patch, Techland Urges People With Early Retail Copies To Wait For It Before Playing

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As you can see, Techland really hopes that players with copies of the game wait until the day one patch is released on Friday. The studio didn’t expand on what that day one patch includes, other than improvements and fixes made since Dying Light 2 went gold two months ago, but if you’re looking for the best possible experience, it seems waiting for that patch is the way to go.

While waiting for that day one patch, read about Techland’s ambitious five-year roadmap for Dying Light 2 DLC and then check out the different performance and resolution modes in the game. Read about how the main story of Dying Light 2 takes about 20 hours to complete (although doing every single thing in the game will take upwards of 500 hours).

Are you picking up Dying Light 2 Stay Human on day one? Let us know in the comments below!


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