How Does CBD Make You Feel?

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How Does CBD Make You Feel?

CBD may have come to your attention through friends, family, and the internet. It’s getting increasingly popular, and you can find it in health and wellness products all around the world.

But what is CBD and how does it make you feel when you consume it?

In this post, we’ll examine into CBD and how it might make you feel when you take it, so you know what to anticipate before you try it for yourself.

When you take CBD oil, how does it make you feel?

CBD, unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), is not psychoactive, so it won’t make you feel drowsy or make you lose track of time. This means that CBD will not make you feel euphoric.

CBD has a light, airy feel to it. Some people detect a difference after using CBD, while others don’t notice anything at all.

The amount of CBD you ingest will ultimately depend on you as a person, how much you’ve eaten, and how much CBD you’ve absorbed.

We’ll look at what some folks say when they take CBD in this part. Everything from slight numbness to the sensation of floating, as well as everything in between, will be evaluated.

CBD Has the Potential to Make You Feel Calm and Relaxed

When CBD is used, some people report feeling more relaxed and tranquil. In fact, CBD is frequently used to alleviate anxiety. There is also some evidence to back up these claims.

One study looked into the effects of CBD on anxiety and found that it lowered anxiety in 57 of the 72 participants in the trial after just one month [1]. Sleep scores improved in 48 patients, owing to CBD’s relaxing properties, which aid to induce sleep and prolong rest for extended lengths of time.

This research is sufficient to conclude that CBD can help you relax and calm down. However, relaxation is a subtle sensation, and you may not even notice a wave of relaxation wash over you.

When you use CBD instead of something similar to THC, you’ll likely feel calmer and more relaxed over time. THC loosens you up and relaxes you nearly instantaneously once the high sets in.

If you suffer from stress and daily anxiety, you may experience the soothing and calming effects of CBD more. Be conscious of how your body and mind feel after consuming CBD. It’s possible that you’ll have a clear brain and that muscle tensions may dissipate.

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CBD Has the Potential to Make You Feel Numb

When CBD is ingested, some people experience a numbing sensation.

This is especially true when CBD products are used topically. People describe sensations of numbness and tingling after using a lotion, salve, or roll-on.

Some people report experiencing these symptoms after eating CBD oils or CBD gummies, however these claims are rare. People who use CBD vapes describe the sensation as a sudden but subtle numbness after a few hits.

When it comes to topicals, the numbness and tingling sensations could be due to other chemicals in the product, such as menthol or eucalyptol. When looking at complaints of numbness after using CBD products that are sublingual, edible, or vapeable, this cause can be ruled out.

After using higher amounts of CBD, some people experience numbness in their heads. Claims of a fuzzy head or “dumbed down” mind after using significant amounts of the cannabinoid are rare, although they do exist.

CBD Has the Potential to Make You Feel More Balanced and Focused

CBD Has the Potential to Make You Feel More Balanced and Focused

When CBD is ingested, many people report feeling more balanced.

So, what precisely do they mean when they say “balanced”?

When someone is well-balanced, it indicates they have a clear mind and a peaceful mind. Balanced people can remain cool in tough situations and come up with obvious ideas without being stressed. People frequently report feeling more balanced after spending time in nature, doing something they enjoy, meditating, or receiving a relaxing massage.

People say they feel more balanced after using CBD, as if they’ve just meditated or gotten a grounding massage. This is not the same as being “high.” Many people may be unaware of the sensation.

This feeling may change based on your circumstances. You won’t feel particularly balanced if you’ve recently eaten CBD in a hectic work setting. You may feel calmer and more balanced if you’ve just ingested some CBD while out walking in nature or relaxing at home.

There’s also some evidence to support this. Despite the fact that research on CBD is still in its early stages, certain studies have revealed that it improves concentration and focus. CBD, along with other cannabinoids contained in hemp and cannabis, may be beneficial to people suffering from attention disorders like ADHD.

CBD Can Make You Feel Happier

CBD has the potential to make you feel better. Indeed, some people have experienced improved moods after using CBD, and there may be some evidence to back this up.

CBD may have antidepressant properties, according to one study including animal models [3]. This could mean that cannabidiol improves mood and perhaps makes people happy.

Although not everyone will experience happy after eating CBD, research suggests that the antidepressant properties of the cannabinoid may have an effect on the consumer’s emotions.

After consuming this cannabinoid, you may feel boosted and generally cheerful. Even amid down periods of depression, worry, and tension, some users report having a more positive attitude and enhanced mood. If you feel happier after using CBD, it will depend on your personal circumstances, just like feeling balanced.

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CBD May Make You Feel Slightly Spaced-Out & “Floaty.”

When using CBD, some people experience floatiness and even a sense of being little spaced off. However, not everyone experiences these emotions in the same way, and it may change depending on a variety of situations.

This feeling of floating has been reported by some people, particularly those who are using the cannabinoid to treat a painful ailment. This could be due to the euphoric effect that CBD provides in terms of relaxation and pain alleviation.

The sensation of floating is more common among first-time users, and most believe that it goes away with continued use. If cannabis have been taken previously, this feeling could be the result of the ECS being practically “overwhelmed.” This could be compared to a first-time marijuana user.

If you’ve ever used cannabis before, you’ll know that the first time can be overwhelming, and the high lasts considerably longer than subsequent uses. The airy feeling some get after consuming CBD for the first time may be similar to how the body doesn’t know what to do with it.

Although the effects of THC and CBD are similar, the first-time effects of THC and CBD should not be confused because CBD is non-psychoactive whereas THC is. CBD will not get you high, but it may cause you to have more “feelings” the first time you use it.

If you do have this sensation, the floaty sensation may become more faint as you utilize the marijuana for longer periods of time.

CBD can make some people feel euphoric

While CBD is not psychoactive in and of itself, certain CBD products do include enough psychoactive chemicals to cause observable changes in perception. This is particularly true of full-spectrum products.

The majority of CBD candies, for example, include 20 to 30 mg of CBD and 0.3 percent delta 9 THC. The total THC level in these gummies is just too low to make any discernible differences in perception.

Other products, like Area 52’s Full-Spectrum UFO Gummies, include a high CBD dose (90 mg) and 0.3 percent THC. Even though the THC concentration is technically inside the 0.3 percent level, it is high enough to exhibit noticeable psychoactive effects due to the strength of these candies.

This effect is also present in many CBD gummies and tinctures. So, if you’re taking a broad spectrum CBD product at a level of more than 50 mg CBD, you might get a high similar to what you’d get from marijuana.

Final Words

CBD, as you may know, is a non-psychoactive chemical, therefore it does not generate a high. When people use CBD, though, they often describe particular emotions. Even if these effects aren’t overpowering and CBD is really delicate, you’re bound to feel something after consuming it.

The effects of CBD vary widely depending on the individual, their environment, their condition, and how much of the cannabinoid they consume. The first time you consume CBD, you may experience heightened symptoms like floatiness, numbness, and tingling. These sentiments will most likely fade away with time.

Calmness and relaxation, as well as mood elevation, tingling and numbness, and a sense of floating, may be experienced after using CBD.

CBD affects everyone differently, and the feelings one person experiences may not be the same as those experienced by another. You might even have a whole different experience after using CBD. When you utilize this cannabinoid, how do you feel?


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