Things to consider while buying bongs

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Things to consider while buying bongs

The market is filled with various smoking devices that are different in shape and material used for structuring. For instance, most wooden pipes or joints irritate your throat when you take a puff because there is no filtration process. They also leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth, which lingers on long after you have had a smoke.

However, there is a device that contains a filtration system that cleans and cools the smoke before it enters your mouth with the help of percolators. Percolators are small tube-shaped devices that prevent the ash from falling into the bowl and entering your mouth.

Consequently, it is better to buy bongs, also known as water pipes, made from glass rather than plastic because they can withstand heat without cracking, breaking, or incurring any damage. Secondly, glass water pipes are relatively easier to clean than plastic ones.

If you want to know more and are interested in buying water pipes, here are some things that you should consider while buying one.

1. Select a particular type

Bongs, or water pipes, are available in various shapes and sizes. The most common are scientific, big-sized, mini-sized, freeze, dab rigs, and themed.

It would be best if you first decided which amongst these you find most appealing. For example, you should use scientific water pipes to enjoy extra smooth hits. They have more percolators than standard ones, producing much smoother smoke, and are bigger than others.

Big-sized ones measure between 14 to 21 inches and provide more potent hits. If you have never tried this before, you should do so carefully. However, they offer more percolation than smaller ones because of their substantial size.

If you like carrying your bong everywhere, mini-sized ones are the right choice. You should choose these if you are a beginner and are comfortable with minor hits. Measuring between 4 to 10 inches, these fit in your bag or hand without any difficulty.

Dab rigs are helpful if you want to smoke concentrates, oil, or wax. They are smaller than the average device but provide a better flavor and are also the safest method of smoking concentrates.

2. Choose your color

Water pipes come in different colors: amber, black, blue, candy cane, gold, and green. You can choose any according to your preferences.

Some devices give you the impression of changing color when you smoke, which is possible by using glass fuming. The technique involves vaporizing gold or silver before a flame, causing the fumes to stick to the glass surface.

3. Select an excellent online head shop

It would help if you bought your smoking water pipes from an online retailer that supplies water pipes made from high-quality borosilicate glass. This form of glass can withstand extreme temperatures without cracking or damage. Some shops also offer a cleaning bundle containing an efficient cleaning gel.

You can also look for a store that offers handcrafted devices rather than ones that were mass-produced in a factory. A good quality smoking apparatus should not cost more than $100-150.

Some online stores even offer free delivery services for orders above a certain amount, thus increasing your savings. In addition, you can also go through their return policy before placing your order, so you know how and by when you may need to request a return if the product isn’t up to your standards. .

Smoking from bongs is a unique experience you will instantly fall in love with. Moreover, the smoke quality is better because of the filtration process.

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