Zero Vaping: What is it all About?

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Zero Vaping: What is it all About?


Vapes or Electronic Cigarettes have been increasingly used as a promising alternative to traditional smoking practices. Around seven million e-cigarette users existed globally in 2011 as per WHO, and the number must have grown exponentially by now. In the U.S. alone, 9% of the Adult Population actively uses e-cigarettes and such devices.

With the introduction of compounds like CBD, which have taken the market by storm owing to their varied medicinal and therapeutic benefits, CBD Pen is one of the easiest and fast-reacting ways of CBD Consumption.

However, many people are still unaware that vapors from such devices are as harmful as smoke from traditional cigarettes. Hence, you might want to make it less evident about their vaping habits, and this article will help you explore how practices like Zero Vaping can help you in this.

Know About CBD Vaping

E-Cigarettes- A promising Alternative

E-Cigarettes are simply a battery-based device that heats the liquid, which goes through the aerosol and is then vaped by the user. These are known by various names e-cigs, vapes, pens, etc.

E-Cigarettes contain a cartridge, vaporization chamber, lithium battery you can charge, and the solution. Basically, in an e-cigarette, when the user inhales the pen or the vape, it simply triggers the atomizer to heat the current liquid in the cartridge, which gets converted into vapor.

Why A Preferable Option?

You can understand the increasing demand because the global e-cigarette market was valued at around USD 18.13 Billion in 2021. It will grow at a CAGR as high as 30% between 2022 to 2030.

Studies have exhibited that regular cigarettes have around 7000 chemicals in smoke from conventional cigarettes, which are simply lacking in e-cigarettes. Reputed institutions like the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine have opined that E-Cigarettes are less hazardous than traditional cigarettes.

Though e-cigarettes contain nicotine, which is also an addictive substance, it is much harmless compared to the harmful substance present in traditional cigarettes. Further, traditionally nicotine replacement therapy has been used to help people quit their smoking habits. Studies have also exhibited that e-cigarettes can help quit smoking much more effectively than nicotine replacement therapy or medication.

You can infuse vape juice with Cannabidiol, i.e., CBD, and you can use CBD pens to get varied medicinal and therapeutic benefits. These include alleviating anxiety and its symptoms, sleep-related issues, pain, stress, etc., which CBD offers much more accessible and convenient.  You can use CBD Pen to deal with your sleep-related issue to experience a relaxing and soothing sleeping experience. For instance, CBD Pen can be highly instrumental in alleviating anxiety and depression-related situations. You can use the CBD Pen in a stressful situation which will help you stay more calm and relaxed.

Understanding Stealth Vaping

It is a discrete or unique way of Vaping used by individuals to be a little more inconspicuous. It involves tactics like reducing the amount of vapor so that you don’t gain people’s attention.

It simply means using your vape devices like a CBD pen in such a way, making it highly unlikely to get noticed. Despite evidence to the contrary, many people still believe that vapor from such devices is harmful to them, similar to smoke from regular cigarettes. There are tiny clouds produced in stealth vaping than regular vaping, leading to less smell and clouds.

Stealth vaping reduces your chances of being placed in the same category, thus getting subjected to the same prejudice as regular smokers. Stealth Vaping is a discreet practice, and you can follow these steps –

  1. Get a highly ultraportable kit like pod vape or disposable vape, such that they can easily fit in a small pocket of the jeans.
  2. Often these devices have LED tight that glow when they are activated. You can cover this light with your hand while inhaling the device.
  3. Take a short puff, which will lead to less vapor, and while exhaling, do the same by pursing your lips and blowing this vapor so no one can notice.

Understanding Stealth Vaping

Zero Vaping – The Basics

It is stealth vaping taken to another level. It is a type of stealth vaping wherein the individual takes a hit but exhales no vapor. It is like turning the device into a nicotine inhaler. The idea is to experience a hit without exhibiting or exhaling any vapor. It is apt for individuals who want to vape in total secrecy and is commonly called ‘smokeless.’ You should not use a compelling device as you would likely get choked and stumble, and it would no longer remain stealthy.

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How to Zero Vape?

While it is easy to stealth vape, zero Vaping needs some practice, and it would also require a certain amount of breath-holding. Generally, there are two ways to zero a vape, and both involve a hit for a few seconds. These are-

  1. Taking multiple Short Inhales means taking a small puff and, rather than immediately exhaling, quickly inhaling a short bit of air from the nose and the mouth and not exhaling. Repeat this once or twice, hold your breath for some second and then exhale with your lips pursed.
  2. Inhaling One Big Shot- Take a small puff, and then the breath goes to the lungs by taking a long and deep inhale for around 3-5 seconds steadily and profoundly. Exhale slowly with pursed lips.

If you feel a strong nicotine hit and don’t like the feeling, you should immediately stop. If it is still left, take a shorter hit and hold it a little longer, or instead, take a deep breath, you may initially experience a head rush. However, if you still want zero vapes to work for you, you can try with low nicotine levels.

Even though Second-hand vapor has proven friendly and benign, people take offense with the same. Practices like zero vaping can help the vapers enjoy the pleasant and soothing experience of vaping in peace without annoying the general public.


E-Cigarettes like vape pens and e-cigarettes are increasingly being used by smokers, even helping them quit smoking. Usage of Devices like CBD pen further encourages users to experience the wide-ranging benefits of CBD in a much faster fashion.

Zero Vaping or stealth is one of the vaping community’s great ways to show respect towards non-smokers or vapers. Practices like these can significantly help people enjoy the vaping experience without annoying the public and vape in an undetectable manner.

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